burger winery

The Burger family has operated this renowned winery in Gobelsburg near Langenlois for decades. Because the facility has clearly reached the limits of its capacity, the existing extensive cellar system will be expanded and adapted to reflect the company’s modern production processes. A younger generation of the family now operates the traditional winery, an evolution that will be reflected in the contemporary appearance of the new architecture. In order to build high-quality production buildings, part of the existing structure will be removed and subsequently rebuilt in a significant expansion that will include a two-story structure that expresses current architectural vocabulary. The new building is an extension to and interpretation of the existing traditional Austrian four-sided courtyard farmhouse and will contain a showroom with a tasting area, a distillery, and large rooms for steel tanks and wooden wine barrels on the ground floor. Storage areas planned on the second floor will create ample room for tanks and machines, and the steep hillside location will provide the convenience of driving directly into the upper floor. The building’s main entrance is located facing the courtyard and is framed by the contour of the building. This is where a glazed entrance zone will provide a view of the “underworld” of the cellar, sparking curiosity for further exploration. And the new building is just the tip of the iceberg, providing access to the entire existing cellar system. The hard shell of the monolithic structure, reinforced by the use of in-situ concrete, contrasts with the soft core of the rose-gold interior. The cellar’s impressive atmosphere is enhanced by interior reinforced concrete arches that define the transition from a one-story room to an expansive space that is two stories and nine meters high.



Site Plan

Ground floor




Location: Gobelsburg bei Langenois, Niederösterreich
Year: 2019-2020
Client: Weingut Burger
Use Area:  726 m²
Design team: Lukas Göbl, Miljan Stojkovic