Visit göbl architektur
on June 8, 2018


As part of Architecture Days Vienna/Bratislava, an event organized by ÖGFA (Austrian Architectural Society), göbl architektur will open its office doors in the courtyard building of Kaiserstraße 67–69 in Vienna on Friday, June 8, from 9 am to 5 pm. Look over the shoulders of our architects and ask them questions about their projects and work.

On the same day, the films Tadao Ando — From Emptiness to Infinity and A Vision Built — Zaha Hadid will be shown at the Kesselhaus in Krems at 9:30 pm. The films will be followed by a conversation with architects Hemma Fasch and Lukas Göbl on the significance of hand drawing and experimentation, women and men in architecture, and the growing cult of star architects.

More Informationen on ÖGFA –>