heltihof winery

The Heltihof Winery, steeped in tradition, is located at the foot of Mount Goldberg in Rehberg bei Krems. The golden sheen emanating from the hills when the vines are lit up by sunlight seems to be what gave the place its name. The golden mountain flows towards the new wine cellar building. At the frontmost edge, a golden arch provides closure to the extended mountain. The previously scattered functional areas of the business now have the space they need within the building. A tasting room with a stairway leading to the deck is lined up next to the company hall and the refrigeration room. The golden arch is clad in gold-colored aluminum panels. Pale visible concrete and screed with brushwork characterize the appearance of the wide-open hall. The adjacent cold room is outfitted with refrigeration panels and can be accessed from the hall and from the stairwell block on the side, as well as driven directly into through a large door on the forecourt. A stairway leads to a wooden deck in the mountainside. From there, a grand view opens up towards the ruins of Rehberg Castle and the St. Johannes Church. Another short flight of stairs takes one directly into the vineyards. The interior shell is formed from golden wave-shaped sheet metal, making the image of the mountains truly palpable while tasting wine. The grey flooring provides a counterpoint, evoking the rocky ground from which the vines grow. Next to a passageway leading to the adjacent bottle warehouse, a high textile bench is attached to an old wall, with standing tables lined up in front of it. A wooden kitchen countertop set towards the mountain completes the harmony of the tasting room.






Location: Krems-Rehberg (Lower Austria)
Year: Draft 2016
Use Area: ca. 400 m²
Design: Lukas Göbl, Alexander Enz, Oliver Ulrich