viktor frankl park

Located in the semi-public space of an inner courtyard, the Viktor-Frankl-Park in the 9th district of Vienna embodies an oasis of authentic urban wilderness. The park design emphasizes the preservation of old trees. Thanks to the low levels of intervention in past years, the existing arboreal constellation is reminiscent of a hardwood floodplain forest. The “intense piece of urban nature” propagated in the competition description had ten full years to transform itself into the authentic urban wilderness of the original concept. Only a few measures were necessary to create a space that is a room for play, a calm haven, a meeting place, and a relaxation area all at the same time. Trail edgings and islands of wild grass buffer the park from the adjacent houses and tenant gardens, also shaping the overall appearance of the park by creating a fragrant, green “body of nature” and adding to the existing wilderness. A specially built nest structure in the crown of a huge chestnut tree creates an exciting “in-between” place – a “Bird’s Nest” that is both retreat and observation point. This leafy jungle domicile is accessible for all via a spiral staircase. Beneath this unusual tree house is a weather-protected play area. In addition to standard Vienna city park furniture, carefully positioned larch wood platforms made for sitting and laying have been set at the edges of the park create little islands of relaxation. The toddler’s playground has a sandbox and a stainless steel drinking fountain, rounding out the pleasant atmosphere of conviviality and communication.



Site Plan


Loation: 1090 Vienna
Year: 2011
Client: MA 42 – Stadt Wien/ PRISMA
Use Area: 4000 m²
Team: Lukas Göbl, Petra Gschanes with Land in Sicht (preliminary design with Lucas Kulnig)


Photos: Bruno Klomfar