new frontiers drawing

“Drawing”, an exhibition initiated by NEW FRONTIERS, showcases architectural drawings as critical reflections on the digital planning processes and artistic conditions of creating architecture. After years of the highly intense use of digital planning and preparation tools, the NEW FRONTIERS Drawing exhibition presents a cross-section of spatial and architectural drawings by young Austrian artists and architects. In addition to invited participants Lukas Göbl, Markus Leixner, Constantin Luser, Josef Saller, and Florian Unterberger, another eight artistic positions of people who still or once again draw by hand in their daily practice were chosen in an Austria-wide competition: Dietmar Franz, Sebastian Heinemeyer, Lucas Horvath, Claudia Larcher, Patrick Pregesbauer, Walter Prenner, Franz Riedl, and Nicole Wogg. Marianne Lang, Christoph Monschein, and Tomi Huber were post-nominated for the exhibitions in Paris and Vienna.


new frontiers zeichnen berlin

AEDES Berlin Architecture Forum, Berlin (Lukas Göbl)

new frontiers zeichnen krems

forum frohner, Krems (Lukas Göbl)

new frontiers zeichnen paris

Galerie d’Architecture, Paris (Galerie d’Architecture)

new frontiers zeichnen wien

AzW, Wien (Pez Hejduk)


Exhibition design: Lukas Göbl and Oliver Ulrich
Curators: Dieter Ronte, Florian Medicus


– AEDES Berlin Architecture Forum: October 26 — December 2, 2012
– Forum Frohner Krems: March 23 — April 14, 2013
– Galerie d’Architecture Paris: August 27 — September 21, 2013
– Architekturzentrum Wien: October 3 — October 21, 2013