intergenerational living

Centered between the main train station and St. Pölten University Hospital, a new residential complex in development by the BWS company has 99 apartments, the regional branch of a social welfare institution, and a day-care center. The entire facility is organized to facilitate intergenerational living, with a broad range of different apartment types and — distributed throughout all floors — a variety of communal and open spaces with excellent spatial qualities and communicative character. The ground floor, with apartments facing the courtyard and garden, also includes a shared living flat for senior citizens, office spaces, a social welfare academy, and a daycare in the interior courtyard.
The size and positioning of the windows, together with curved overhangs, creates a visually striking appearance. This characteristic appearance is enhanced by private outdoor spaces situated on alternating floors that result in an interplay of loggias, balconies, and terraces.



Site Plan

First Floor


Elevation from South

Elevation from North

Location: St. Pölten (Lower Austria)
Year: Draft, Start of construction 2019
Client: BWS
Use Area: 7.903 m2
Team: Lukas Göbl, Fritz Göbl, Alexander Enz, Todor Atanasov
Project Management: Jürgen Schweighofer

Renderings: Schreiner Kastler