info-point kosice 2013

Nestled in the historic city center of Kosice, Capital of Culture 2013, the expressive architecture of the new Info-Point is a definite eye-catcher. The source of inspiration for this design’s distinctive form was the typical shape of a lump of cast lead – a reference to the German New Year’s Eve custom of making casts of molten lead to tell your fortune.  This capturing of a moment and the power over chance that is entrusted to the material for an instant makes the currents of power apparent.  Kosice’s information center embodies a process – specifically, it embodies the productive interaction that is continuously in play between society and culture. The dynamic form of the structure is like a snapshot of a special moment that has been precisely adapted to the functional requirements and urban location. The building comprises two main volumes with contrasting forms. The first part of the building is massive and has a voluminous feel, despite its relatively low height.  This is where the exhibition spaces and sanitary facilities are located.  In contrast, the second volume is higher and more slender, a lofty, cantilevered construction that emanates fragility and energy. The overhang provides a shade canopy and also creates a significant symbol for this cultural capital that awakens certain associations.  The center is the main information point, where locals and visitors can stay up-to-date on current activities and cultural events taking place in the city. A pressroom is located next to the lounge, which gives visitors plenty of room to relax. The lounge area is equipped with a bar for serving drinks and snacks. These two main volumes are connected by a walkway, accessible around the clock, making the pavilion an integral part of public life.





Location: Kosice (Slovakia)
Year: Draft 2010
Use Area: 96,6m²
Design Team: Lukas Göbl, Oliver Ulrich