herzogenburg outdoor swimming pool

The main entrance of the Herzogenburg Outdoor Swimming Pool is situated in the south corner, showcased by the extended roof of the one-story cafeteria building. Another single-story building stretches orthogonally away from here, housing the changing and restroom facilities. Another restroom and dressing room facility can be found past the cafeteria, to the south of the complex. A boat-shaped children’s pool is inserted into the rectangular paved area directly in front of this. Different water levels, a winding slide, and a sandbox give the kids plenty of opportunity to play and splash. Two awnings provide protection from the bright sun. Separated from the children’s area by a sunbathing lawn is a discovery pool with a variety of attractions. A 14-meter-long, side-by-side slide and a twisting, 60-meter-long tube slide release into this pool. A cave, a climbing net, and floor bubbles are directly adjacent to the security zone of the slide. A 3-meter diving platform extends like a dock from the slide deck, right above the 3.42-meter-deep diving pool. A 1-meter diving board also releases into this pool. Separated from the diving pool by five steps – designed to be used as seating – a 25-meter-long athletic pool with 4 lanes can be found, designed to be handicapped accessible. A self-cleaning natural swimming pond completes the landscape of the aquapark. A non-swimmer area, reached across a pebblestone beach, has a maximum depth of 1.35 meters and is divided from the swimmers’ area by a rope. The rear end of the swimming pond is reserved for natural regeneration areas. Three wooden decks are scattered around the pond, serving both as access and as areas to relax. The water self-cleans through a filter pond set to the south.











Site Plan


Location: Herzogenburg (Lower Austria)
Year: 2004 – 2005
Client: Stadtgemeinde Herzogenburg
Design: Fritz Göbl